The Ring of Kerry - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How long is the Ring of Kerry?
  • Answer: From the Plaza Hotel in Killarney, heading first to Killorglin anti-clockwise round the Ring of Kerry, returning via Molls Gap and the Kenmare Road back to the Plaza is just under 105 Miles or 169 KM

    how far round the ring of kerry
  • Question: Which direction around the Ring of Kerry?
  • Answer: Ring of Kerry is One Way
    IMPORTANT! No matter what you may have read elsewhere, visitors should ALWAYS drive anti-clockwise round the Ring of Kerry to avoid meeting tour buses head on in the narrow stretches - it's not easy reversing a car on an unfamiliar twisting road and will just cause further congestion.
  • Question: How Long does it take to drive the Ring of Kerry
  • Answer: It is possible to drive round the ring in a 3 - 4 hours but if you've travelled a long way to see some of Ireland's most beautiful scenery and visit the historical sites - why rush?
    Start as early as possible and take a day long tour in the car from Kenmare or Killarney or 2 day tour and stay overnight in one of the many B&Bs around the ring.
  • Question: Realistically, How long should I spend on my tour
  • Answer: If you only have the one day start as early as possible - make sure you visit
    • Glenbeigh, Rossbeigh and the Bog Village
    • The Barracks at Cahersiveen
    • Take a little detour to Portmagee and follow the Wild Atlantic Way / Skellig Ring to Ballingskeligs for some of of the most beautiful views you'll ever see - You'll pass the Skelligs Chocolate Factory and this route.
    • Waterville - The super little seaside town that Charlie Chaplin often frequented
    • Sneem - a quaint little Irish town on the ring that just says welcome.
    • Kenmare - at the mouth of Kenmare Bay
    There is so much to do and see, that you can spend hours visiting every activity, beauty spot or historical site. Ideally, a few days spent in B&Bs around the ring will allow you to experience, the beauty, the warmth, the mystique and the friendliness of the people that is the Ring of Kerry.
  • Question: Where can I hire a car in Kerry?
  • Answer: You can rent a car at Kerry airport or in Killarney town centre. Rental companies provide some of the cheapest car rental in Europe. However, automatic cars may be much more expensive than manual or stick geared cars. It is always best to use a price comparison website to book a car in advance - this is because there are no hidden charges and last minute deals & special offers are nearly always available - Best of the bunch are:-
  • Question: What is the Kerry Dark Sky Reserve?
  • Answer: This is an area contained within the Ring of Kerry far away from city lights, where a clear night sky reveals a clearer view of the Constellations.
  • Question: What is the Currency of Ireland?
  • Answer: The Republic of Ireland is one of the Euro zone countries and the Euro (€) became the official currency on 1st January 2002. €1 euro is made up of 100 cents. Visitors from other Euro zone countries do not need to exchange currency. Visitors from outside the Euro zone will need to exchange their own currency for Euro. Please check with your bank for rates of exchange. Euro can be purchased at foreign exchange departments at your local bank or at any bank in Ireland (including those located at airports that are open for all flight arrivals). ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) are located at most banks and most accept major credit cards, particularly Visa and MasterCard, as well as Plus and Cirrus debit cards.